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White-painted wood pasta dryer with 3 frames and electric fan, designed to dry fresh pasta. Available to order in various colours.

Stainless steel food ring

Price: € 380,00

Product code: 66

Pasta dryer with 3 frames

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Item code: 66
Stainless steel food ring

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Rolling pin 110cm

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Rolling pin 110 cm

Beech wood rolling pin crafted by specialised artisans. This size is suitable for professionals and experts to roll out a dough made with 5 to 8 eggs.N.B. Keep away from heat

Pastry board110X65CM

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Poplar wood pastry board

Poplar wood pastry board crafted by specialised artisans. Its size (110 x 65cm) is recommended for amateur pasta makers.  Keep away from heat.

Three-day Course

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codice 182

Three-day Course

Three-day Course
During the three 4-hour classes, each student will try her/his hand at:
preparing doughs
rolling out sheets of pasta using a rolling pin
basic fillings
plain pasta
tagliatelle, farfalle, garganelli)
illed pasta (tortelloni, tortellini, cestini)
green dough
potato gnocchi
Useful information:
Ingredients and cooking equiment are provided by the school.
We recommend wearing comfortable shoes.
Price includes: registration, school uniform and 12-hour course.
The payment of the full price is required when registering.
The tuition fee will not be refunded, even if the student withdraws from the course before the scheduled start date, or if the course does not take place because the student fails to attend it.
Classes will take place Monday through Friday, from 10:00 to 14:00 (reservation is required).